Recursive Diversions

Welcome to my homepage! I’m a US-based abstract artist specializing in fractals designed by Apophysis 7X and Mandelbulb 3D. Below you’ll find links to my storefronts, social media accounts, and a gallery. I’m slowly adding my art to these storefronts, so be sure to check back!


Amazon Store

Here you can find clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts) using my designs with all the convenience of Amazon printing & shipping. This will have the smallest selection but best prices.


This site will print on practically anything! You can purchase my designs as wall art, shirts, laptop covers, dresses, shower curtains (why would you want that), clocks, posters, pillows, and more!


Another print on demand service which allows you to purchase my artwork as shirts, hoodies, and posters. Since the upload time is very fast, you’ll be able to find my newest designs here.

A small gallery of recent artwork.